About our Studio

Designing and manufacturing architectural art glass to public and private interiors and exteriors; professional restoration of stained glass windows.

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About the Gallery

The exhibitions in the gallery display works of the best hungarian and international glass artists. The gallery is located just next to the thousand years old Benedictine Archabbey in Pannonhalma.

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About our courses

Courses continually launched: stained glass, traditional stained glass painting, glass jewellery.

About Laszlo Hefter

László Hefter's artistic achievements have a notable reputation both in the international and the Hungarian glass painting scene. His artistic profile is twofold, including the restoration of old and the creation of new glass works, with which he has made a significant contribution to establishing glass art in Hungary.

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laszlo hefter

Laszlo Hefter

Artist / Owner



Bruno Hefter




Marta Hefter