Endre Gaál - "Golden Age"

Endre Gaál should not be considered as usual but a universal artist, who thinks in total experience. When he creates an object and places it in an existing space, that will mean the total reinterpretation of the space because he operates by showing a system of forces that ab initio enabled the existence of the given space – which is not only space bit space-time, too. While he is focusing at the known and surprising features of the materials (mostly the glass) his assemblage-like constructions are inevitably provoking the spectator to activate the potentially carried symbolical values of these materials, and the dynamism of the assemblage creates a meaning inside us. The currently presented material is another kind, it is the inspection around the poured glass-fibre thinner than 1 millimetre and he is presenting the results of a study made in Rome.
Endre Lehel Paksi, art historian