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Permanent exhibition


Permanent exhibition

The Hefter Gallery is located on a World Heritage site, in the direct vicinity of the Benedictine Arch Abbey of Pannonhalma. The building inaugurated in 2007 has interior and exterior areas. As part of permanent and temporary exhibitions, you can see works of glass sculpture, glass painting and related arts made by the best Hungarian and foreign artists. The gallery has an own collection, continuously expanding, which can be visited as permanent exhibition. It is currently the only gallery in Hungary dedicated to fields of art related to glass. High quality rarities and jewellery made by our studio and the exhibiting artists are available for viewing and purchasing in our Shop.

9090 Pannonhalma, Tóthegy u. 11.
GPS: 47.5552, 17.7627
+36 20 51 81  281

Opening hours:
From 1 May to 31 Oct
Tuesday to Thursday: 10-16
Friday to Sunday: 10-17
From 1 Nov to 30 April
Tuesday to Friday: 10-16

Holiday Opeinig Hours:
31 October| closed
1 November | closed

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Glass Art in Architecture

Glass is part of contemporary architecture, which along functional use can appear as a decorative element. Architectural glass art works are unique surfaces that harmonizes with the style of its surroundings, directly tones the interior air and atmosphere of the building. The colour intensity of coloured glass windows, the glow of the light turned into colours is incomparably superior to any other coloured surface. It can be used richly, in a nuanced and creative way to influence the atmosphere of the given architectural space.

The Hefter Glass studio has been operating for more thane 40 years, specialised in design and construction of works of glass art related to architecture, decorating or dividing interiors and exteriors. Besides many glass windows, rows of glass windows, room-dividers, luminous bodies, glass sculptures and works of public places, a considerable number of stained glass restoration work are parts of our portfolio as well.

The reason that make stained glass surfaces different is the relation to room and lightning. Its subject is not randomly specified, it is formed to suit the very exact architectural surroundings. If being watched from inside when lighting shines through it, these connections should be clearly recognised.

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Gallery and Studio

9090 Pannonhalma
Tóthegy u. 11.
GPS: 47.5552, 17.7627
Tel.: +36 20 51 81 281