ólomüveg róth miksa szegedi dóm

The effect of stained window glass and its intrinsic and artistic value emerge only in the particular unity, at the place where it belongs and with its original form being displayed. Although the original material, the stained or painted glass plate that belongs to every window does represent value, and all manifest the touch of craftsmanship, for which reason all the possible steps need to be taken for their preservation, yet their real value is the intellectual and emotional legacy we have inherited through window glasses. Their atmosphere, colour and richness of form must be made visible and perceivable, just as it used to be done by the old masters.

In the course of its restoration activity the studio carried out the renewal of stained glass windows of buildings like the Archabbey of Pannonhalma, the Matthias Church of Buda, the Szeged Cathedral and the National Bank of Hungary.

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