Glass Art
in architecture

Glass is part of contemporary architecture, which along functional use can appear as a decorative element. Architectural glass art works are unique surfaces that harmonizes with the style of its surroundings inside and outside of a building. While the mural or the pictures placed in the walls decorate the wall itself with their colours and drawings, they only create the interior colour indirectly, the window glass directly tones the interior air and atmosphere of the building. The colour intensity of coloured glass windows, the glow of the light turned into colours is incomparably superior to any other coloured surface. It can be used richly, in a nuanced and creative way to influence the atmosphere of the given architectural space.

Colour in the light


The coloured glass surface imitates the glitter of gemstones to break into colours the sunlight pouring in that create a constantly changing light effect. This play of light appears on the walls, objects, as well as the people moving in the areas, influencing the architecture and interior design. The possibilities of the glass and the effects created by the coloured light allow themselves to be shaped profusely in terms of form and are suitable for opening new perspectives with their art in an architectural environment.

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